Meeting The New Chief Executive Officer Of Precious Metals Industry 

It was on February 6, 2017 when Precious Metals Industry, which is situated in Salt Lake Valley, announced the appointment of Scott Carter as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. It was from then that Scott Carter Lear started making a name for himself. Apart from such, it was also on the same day when the company made known to the public its plan to opening an office for regional sales based in Los Angeles. Indeed, it has been a meaningful undertaking for Precious Metals Industry. It turned out to be a thrilling moment for them, actually!

Understanding The Good News

According to an interview with Brandon Lewis, a board member of PM Capital, the venture has been an exciting time for their company. It was a way for them to build strength for their executive team. This was a reason for the appointment of Scott Carter as the CEO. There were reasons why he was the chosen one. Among these are the following:
  • Scott has an extensive experience with marketing. The same is also true with direct selling which was related to precious metals.
  • Ever since, he looks forward to serving as many customers as possible. He does this with high level of care and expertise.
  • Carter is expected to bring a really one-of-a-kind combination of leadership skills in his duration of heading. He is somehow waited to do this in marketing, advertising and operations.
  • The business is set to grow with him. As a matter of fact, there are plans of expansion all over the United States. This is also meant to transpire internationally. That is how it is planned to be.

PM Capital has been in the business for almost 25 years now. Since then, it is determined to persevere for financial services, marketing and even precious metal experience. Just recently, it also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Lear Capital. This is known to be a precious metals company which is present during his tenure. This turned out to be a well-respected leader in the industry of gold and silver. Aside from this, he was also able to perform different executive level operations which includes the Chief Executive Officer of Goldline. The same is also true as the President of Unitrin Direct. His expertise is backed up with good credentials. He has a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Valparaiso University. Aside from this, he was also able to finish his graduate studies with Masters of Business Administration which occurs from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

As mentioned, it was the PM Capital which announced the opening of large regional sales office of their company in Los Angeles. This is going to push through with the diversity and wealth of sales talent that the institution has. Los Angeles was pointed out because this is considered to be the major hub of PM Capital. This is one of the reasons why it becomes the part of the expansion plan.
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